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Musikki – Know your Music

Musikki is a living music platform that aims to bring together all the World's musical knowledge, content and services. Find everything about the artist, album or song; buy and listen; follow artists and get notified of upcoming releases and official videos.
We connect, in real-time, the most relevant musical sources on the Internet.

All musical knowledge

Explore the most comprehensive music database and discover new music everyday

Aggregated in real-time

Listen to music, read news and reviews from the most popular sources

So you never miss an update

Get the latest videos and album releases by following the artists you love

Key Features

Search for artist, albums and songs
Official videos
Audio previews
Buy music
Album reviews
Related artists and albums
Follow artists and add albums to collection
Music feed with the latest official videos of the artist you follow

This is just the beginning! Look for exciting new features being release every week!

Upcoming Features

Listen through streaming services like Deezer, Rdio or Spotify
Barcode search
New releases alerts
Nearby shows alerts
And much more…